Are you too busy sawing to take the time to sharpen the saw?

by | Dec 17, 2018 | Articles, News | 0 comments

In a complex healthcare environment, working together is the only way to get better. Few would disagree that effective collaboration can make a real difference, especially for patients. It’s probably no surprise that pooling resources and skills thoughtfully can lead to better outcomes, but time and again we also witness it bringing immense benefits to our clients in terms of shared learning, accelerated stakeholder engagement and important strategic insights.

But far too often, collaborations or joint working projects fail to deliver a real win-win, or take so long to deliver that the impact is diluted. Having invested significant time, money and energy, partners are left feeling disappointed by delays or poor results.

I love Stephen R Covey’s famous analogy about the woodcutter who was too busy sawing to take the time to sharpen the saw. I think we’ve all been there – metaphorically at least! If we don’t take the time to learn and reflect, we lose our edge.

So in response to client feedback, we’ve developed a collaboration workshop that will enable teams to hone their skills and get the best out of collaborative working.

We’re absolutely delighted to welcome Colin Love as our new Collaboration Coach, bringing his considerable experience and knowledge in alliance and partnership management, and further strengthening the Dovetail team to support our clients in developing their collaboration skills.

The training is ideal for industry professionals at all levels, including cross-functional teams, healthcare development managers, NHS partnership development teams, brand teams and medical teams.

If you’re planning on sharpening your saw in the new year, we’d love to help you! Contact Claire Munro on 07976 856208 or to find out more, or to book a taster session.