In this week’s episode of Getting to the Heart of Health Partnerships, I’m thrilled to be joined by David Badcock.

David is the chief executive officer of Drug Science, the leading independent scientific body providing information on drugs in the UK.

David has worked extensively in the drug and alcohol sector in organisations supporting people to recover from addiction. He and I worked together for some years in the influential London Joint Working Group on hepatitis C and substance misuse (LJWG).

In this episode, we’ll hear about the challenges and lessons of setting up and nurturing partnerships that have driven change for some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

We talk about why it’s essential to choose the right partners in the first place, and the magic that can happen when they’re all committed to a shared vision.

You’ll hear, too, about how things going wrong in partnerships when people are fuzzy about the common goal, or have their own agendas.

There’s even a football analogy in there!

I hope you enjoy the episode as much as I enjoyed catching up with David.  Contact me with any questions or comments about the podcast. I’d love to hear from you!