How we make a difference

Our case studies: helping pharma companies build trust, optimise resources and enhance patient care.

Strategic insights in a new market

Our client faced the challenge of re-launching a newly acquired product into an unfamiliar market. They had no clinical contacts, no knowledge of key opinion leaders in the field, no understanding of the patient pathway and challenging first-year targets to meet.

We developed and led a strategic stakeholder engagement programme from initial stakeholder mapping through a series of interactive advisory boards to shed light on clinical and patient challenges. We facilitated a collaboration between our client and a group of clinical leaders in a regional forums programme to support the implementation of new NICE guidelines. This helped to both improve clinical practice and establish our client as a trusted partner. 60% of trusts attending a forum implemented the NICE guideline within three months.

By understanding and aligning with clinical and NHS priorities, our client exceeded their sales target by more than 40%.

“Dovetail’s work was instrumental in establishing us in the new market. They helped build relationships and credibility with an entirely new group of customers, working with them to roll out new NICE guidelines.

In our first year of owning the new product we based our sales target on the last three years’ performance and achieved an impressive 144%. We couldn’t have done that without Dovetail.”

Improving patient materials through the power of connection

Our client needed help to improve their patient support materials. Faced with the task of clearly explaining how to use a new formulation of their medicine, the marketing team wanted to work with patients directly. They hadn’t done this before, and needed to make sure the industry code of practice was followed.

Drawing on both our knowledge of the code and personal experience of taking part in patient panels, we supported our client’s cross-functional team to establish a patient engagement programme that delivered the insights needed to make the materials more relevant and impactful.

The patient panel’s rating of the materials increased by 48%. And it judged them more likely to increase patient adherence and symptomatic relief, meaning fewer patients returning to their doctors unsatisfied.

“For a small agency, Dovetail has a big impact. They’re honest, straightforward and dependable. Importantly, they live their ethics and values, and I trust them to say no when they can’t do something or don’t think it’s right.”

Connecting for public health

Our client sponsored a multi-disciplinary hybrid conference run by a national public health body. The conference needed to inform a strategic plan to tackle increasing rates of a healthcare-acquired infection, but neither our client nor the organiser had the capacity to engage the clinical stakeholders and co-ordinate the activities needed to meet this goal.

We supported the team to plan and deliver a complex and engaging hybrid event that met the public health goals and aligned with patient perspectives and commercial aims at the same time.

Attendance exceeded expectations both online and in person, while delegates rated the conference very highly, and reported that it had met specific individual objectives too. The organisers have asked both Dovetail and our client back to support them again this year.

“Thank you all again for the unrivalled support you provided for the conference yesterday, both in the execution on the day, but equally so, in its preparation.

I really couldn’t have done it without you and interacting with you all has been one of the highlights of my career so far.”

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