hand in hand

We created Dovetail to answer one simple question 

How can we use our industry and communications experience to help pharma and healthcare teams work together more effectively?

When pharma collaborates with healthcare professionals and patients, everyone wins. But cross-sector working isn’t always easy to do.

At Dovetail we have the skills and tools to help you get it right. 

With our support, companies, clinicians and patients can dovetail, working hand in hand with a common purpose, and creating the foundations for enduring partnerships.

what we do

We bring people together to solve healthcare problems.

Our approach delivers strategic insights that guide commercial thinking and shape the development of robust initiatives to support healthcare professionals and patients.

We use our proven framework to help our clients to engage with their stakeholders and to map, facilitate and deliver co-designed solutions.

What makes us different

We’re deliberately small and independent, which makes us nimble and responsive. It also means you only deal with senior people when you work with us.

We’re known for our integrity, positivity and experience. Everything we do is grounded in the real world and strengthened by our whole-hearted commitment to collaboration.

We’ve earned the respect of leading healthcare and industry professionals alike, and have an enviable network of contacts across the healthcare sector.


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What are we missing?

What are we missing?

Here at Dovetail, we’re slap-bang in the middle of that autumn busyness.All the projects that kicked off after the summer break are in full effect now, we’re rushing to meet deadlines and delight our clients. We’re lucky to be busy, right? Rushing from project to...

Let’s get uncomfortable with feedback

Let’s get uncomfortable with feedback

I’ve written before about the importance of listening. It’s tempting to think that “communication” is all about talking, writing or tweeting, but listening is every bit as important, if not more so. We’re running a patient listening initiative for one of our clients...

How long does it take to plan an ad board?

How long does it take to plan an ad board?

Summer’s upon us and I’m sure that many of us feel like we’ve never needed our holidays more. But there’s always loads to do before we can relax. One of the big pre-holiday questions is: do you try and squeeze in as much as you can before you go away, or do you leave...