In the second part of my conversation with Jeremy, we talked about why pharma companies need to listen to patients direct. He believes that patients are the most important stakeholders in the supply chain, and talks candidly about finally realising that “it was time we stopped pretending we knew what it was like to be a patient.”

You’ll also hear how and why the company set themselves the audacious goal of becoming the preferred NHS partner in gastrointestinal medicine, and how that ethos guides every member of the team. It’s also central to hiring and retaining great people,  and the family-oriented culture makes Tillotts a desirable place to work. 

You won’t want to miss his frank reflections on getting things spectacularly wrong in the past, and learning from his mistakes.

I’m so grateful to Jeremy for his openness and generosity. Getting this level of insight from the head of a pharma company is really valuable, and I’m sure you’ll find his commitment to patients and the NHS as inspiring as I do.

Sadly, this is the last episode of the series. But we’ll be back in the autumn with more compelling stories about getting to the heart of health partnerships. Be sure to subscribe so you’re notified when we’re back!

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