What we can learn from Jackie Weaver?

by | Mar 15, 2021 | Articles, News | 0 comments

The recording of the local parish council meeting that had descended into bad-tempered chaos is the the Zoom facilitator’s nightmare: people with their camera off, and still shouting, people talking over each other, and even talking over the meeting facilitator, the now-famous Jackie Weaver.

Read more about Jackie Weaver right here.

Jackie responded by keeping her cool, and removing the disruptive chairman of the parish council from the meeting.

Some of the Twitter commentary has been fun, comparing it to the Fall of Rome or a Shakespearean tragedy.

I just see someone trying to manage fraying tempers, facilitate communication and get things done.

On a platform that doesn’t really allow for cross-talk or tantrums.

Here’s how to facilitate “passionate” online meetings…

For virtual meeting attendees to have a great experience, we need to let everyone have their say.

We need to hear and see each other clearly, and use our platforms wisely.

And I, for one, will be channelling my inner Jackie Weaver to make sure this happens!

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