On thriving

by | Jan 25, 2022 | Articles, News | 0 comments

Just before starting back at work, I noticed something strange. My other half and I were feeling relaxed and happy. Optimistic even.

What had caused it was nothing spectacular. We’d had family dinners on Christmas and Boxing Days, gone for long muddy dog walks with much loved friends, travelled from London to Scotland and to Oxfordshire, spent time with nieces and nephews, and gone to the theatre – nothing to write home about. But oh, the joy of being with people!

What I knew in theory before Covid about “humans being social animals”, I understand now. In my bones. People need connection to feel happy and whole.

As Prof Devi Shridar has written in the Guardian this week, science has defanged the pandemic now. The rapid development of testing, vaccines and effective antivirals mean that those of us who are not clinically vulnerable can start to live our lives again.

So for Dovetail, 2022 is about moving forward, building on the lessons of the past two years. It’s about re-establishing connection and growth, which will help us thrive as individuals and as a team.

We’ll continue to focus on looking after ourselves and our nearest and dearest as a priority. This approach has given us a strong foundation to build from.

Self-care enables us to do our best work and to meet clients and clinicians with empathy.

The next layer is to find joy in doing great work for our clients. The enjoyment comes when we’re clear about our purpose, and the value our work brings to clients, patients and the NHS. And the more we connect with these stakeholders, the better we can understand and meet their needs.

Relationships need to be actively nurtured, and I’m going to invest more time and energy in cultivating the ones that help me flourish – personally and professionally.

2022 is already packed with exciting and challenging client projects – each one designed to bring value and understanding with a human touch. We’ll expand our focus on patient engagement and insights, and help industry to support the NHS to meet its goals.

We’re aiming for a year of connection, expansion and thriving.

What are you aiming for this year? If we can help you achieve it, get in touch.