Joint Working Projects

Joint working allows NHS and industry to collaborate on patient-centred projects with a shared commitment to success.

In our experience, collaboration leads to better outcomes. NHS and pharma resources are finite, but both sectors have the common goal of improving patient outcomes. Joint working is an ideal way to harness the energy, resources, expertise and goodwill of all parties and focus it on making things better for patients. 

We’ve delivered a number of successful joint working projects using the ABPI and Department of Health framework, and we’re always happy to share what we’ve learned. Important success factors are:

  • Clear objectives. These need to be really explicit, agreed and written down. 
  • Realistic timeframe. It’s obvious that setting up a partnership needs more time at the outset than doing something on your own. Allowing enough time for discussion, agreements and sign off at the start will save time and frustration further down the line.
  • Roles and responsibilities need to be clear and understood, as well as the contribution from each party. 
  • Regular meetings to review progress, share information and learning and make decisions together about the direction of the project will keep everything on track. In a big group of busy people or a long-term project it does no harm to reiterate the objectives when you meet. 

Dovetail is an exemplary partner to the project, and the team’s competent project management and constant focus on bringing benefits to patients have been instrumental in helping us climb a fair number of mountains.

Pharma Managing Director, UK & Ireland