Here at Dovetail, we’re slap-bang in the middle of that autumn busyness.
All the projects that kicked off after the summer break are in full effect now, we’re rushing to meet deadlines and delight our clients.

We’re lucky to be busy, right? Rushing from project to project, happy to have fulfilling work that makes a difference to patients’ lives.
Yes. But. What might we be missing?

There’s a risk that we’re so busy delivering that we don’t make time for reflection.
If a project goes well, how can we make sure we do it just as successfully the next time we don’t stop to capture insights along the way? And the same applies if it goes really badly wrong.

At Dovetail, the final project review with our clients is planned in from the start. We know it’s tempting to move onto the Next Thing, but we risk missing out on so much if we do.

These meetings are so valuable for everyone, and they don’t need to be complicated or lengthy.
A simple review’s all you need. We use three basic questions: What went well? What could have gone better? What have we learned?

Create the space and time to focus. You’ll be glad you did.