Case study

Pharma And NHS Working Together For Patients – The IBD Registry Industry Working Group

We hear a lot from pharma about patient-centricity these days, and rightly so. But there are many ways of putting this important principle into practice, and they don’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Recently, we spoke to members of the IBD Registry Industry Working Group about what they’ve achieved in their first year, and whether or not it’s been worthwhile. It’s a very simple idea: the Registry executive team has clinical and academic expertise aplenty, industry colleagues contribute insights on how best to engage with pharma, and business development strategies to accelerate Registry participation.

The group’s activities have been fruitful, but perhaps more interesting still are the reflections on the experience. Members are proud of the way that companies have set aside commercial rivalries in order to support clinicians and patients, and the Registry chair concluded: “My message to pharma is, more of the same please!”

Stuart Bloom, Richard Gardner and Jeremy Thorpe on the Industry Working Group and ongoing collaboration with the NHS.