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We approach every project from a one-off workshop or advisory board to a major strategic joint working initiative with the same focus on teamwork, patient outcomes and delivering tangible results that succeed for everyone involved. Get in touch to find out more about how effective collaboration can help your team achieve its goals.

Collaboration masterclass

Our skills masterclass equips teams to get the best out of collaborative working, prevent joint projects from stalling and ensure win-win-win outcomes.

Bespoke workshops can be run as a full or half day, and topics include:

  • Benefits of working together
  • Principles of effective collaboration
  • Obstacles and challenges faced by both industry and healthcare professionals
  • Competency training on the building blocks for successful partnerships
  • Real-world examples and case studies
  • Building a bespoke collaboration plan
  • Joint working toolkit and PMCPA Code of Practice

Suitable for industry professionals at all levels, including cross-functional teams, healthcare development managers, NHS partnership development teams, brand teams and medical teams.

Get in touch to find out more, or to book a taster session.

It is a delight to work with a team who not only responds to your needs but anticipates them – on many occasions offering new insights that we had not considered, which because of their knowledge, expertise and research within the area enriched the experience delivered to our audience.

Professor of Hepatology and Gastroenterology

Consensus and innovation workshops

Consensus workshops enable a group to develop creative solutions together.


The consensus workshop is a core International Technology of Participation technique. The workshops enable us to draw out and weave together all participants’ perspectives and views into a clear and practical consensus. This process has delivered value to our clients time and again. It’s a vital tool for identifying goals as the starting point for effective collaboration, as a means to move a project forward or to help teams focus on their aims and next steps.

Thank you for an excellent workshop; the post meeting buzz was very strong. The write up is excellent and demonstrates how well you ran the event and the fact we nailed the objective for the day. Massive thanks for all the work in preparation and on the day.

Andrew Johnson, Vaccines Franchise Manager, MSD

Joint working projects

Joint working allows NHS and industry to collaborate on patient-centred projects with a shared commitment to success.


Collaboration leads to better outcomes. NHS and pharma resources are finite, but both sectors have the common goal of improving patient outcomes. Joint working is an ideal way to harness the energy, resources, expertise and goodwill of all parties and focus it on making things better for patients.

We’ve delivered a number of successful joint working projects using the ABPI and Department of Health framework. Get in touch to find out how we can help you with yours.


Dovetail is an exemplary partner to the project, and the team’s competent project management and constant focus on bringing benefits to patients have been instrumental in helping us climb a fair number of mountains.

Pharma Managing Director, UK & Ireland

Strategic advisory boards

An advisory board is a great way to listen to your clients and stakeholders and find out what they really need.


Our approach to running advisory boards builds on our coaching and facilitation experience and our knowledge that solutions reached through collaboration and co-production are more than the sum of their parts.

Our most successful advisory boards for pharma clients have been interactive and engaging, so as to stimulate creative responses from delegates, and resulting in robust commercial and patient-focused outcomes. Of course, if you’d prefer us to run a traditional advisory board for you, that’s fine too!

I am delighted with the way that the ad board went last week, it was the most productive and most useful ad board I have ever held, thank you.

Jeremy Thorpe, Managing DIrector, Tillotts Pharma UK

Medical conferences and symposia

End to end delivery from strategy to social media.


We’ll always start with joined-up thinking to ensure we’re all clear about objectives and understand where all the participants’ goals naturally overlap.

Our award-winning meetings programmes support healthcare professionals to make positive practice changes that benefit their patients and the NHS. Our clients are so happy with their outcomes that they invite us back time and again.


Dovetail mix the doable with the aspirational. They support, cajole and always come up with the goods.

Medical Director, NHS Social Enterprise

Best practice consensus documents

A brilliant way of consolidating and communicating current thinking.


The consensus document is a perfect example of our core principles of supporting stakeholders working in healthcare to work together to make things better for patients. The process can involve a consensus workshop or advisory board as a starting point.  A great opportunity for joint working and involving a broad range of stakeholder views, the consensus document is an impactful means of consolidating best practice current opinion in a therapy area, or as a call to action for service development. Here’s one we did in hepatitis C.

Stakeholder engagement

A cornerstone of effective collaboration.


Groups of stakeholders working together can be very powerful, and we’ll help you identify who your internal and external stakeholders are.

We’ll facilitate your stakeholder meetings because having a third party facilitator allows everybody to join in, and we’ll create a supportive and inclusive environment that leads to clear outputs and plans.

We can also support your internal team meetings to ensure you get the most out of them.