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We're thrilled to have received a High Commendation in 'Excellence in Healthcare Professional Education and Support Programmes' and to be a Finalist in 'Excellence in Collaboration and Partnerships' at PMEA 2017. 


"The team involved in this project recognised there was a clear, unmet need for the registry and did the right thing to rectify this, in the process providing a valuable tool. They demonstrated a change in attitude and behaviour and the tactics, structure and outcomes were excellent. We felt this was one of the most exciting entries in the 2017 programme!

PMEA 2017 Judges

Excellence in Healthcare Professional Education and Support Programmes


We absolutely loved the collaboration with this project. To pull together eight entities, all of which would have had different perceptions, in such an effective manner to deliver strong results is seriously impressive.

PMEA 2017 Judges

Excellence in Collaboration and Partnerships

Winner! Communiqué 2017 Excellence in Healthcare Collaboration and Partnerships

We’re absolutely delighted that the 2016 IBD Registry Roadshow has won the Communiqué Award for Excellence in Healthcare Collaboration and Partnerships. 

If Dovetail is all about transforming healthcare through effective collaboration, then this is a perfect example: a knotty problem, a plan to bring good people together to solve it, clear goals, incredible commitment and enthusiasm from all the stakeholders involved, hard work and a successful outcome that benefits clinical teams and patients. A piece of work everyone involved can feel really proud of.

The Roadshow was a real team effort, and its success due to enormous commitment from all the stakeholders: IBD Registry, British Society of Gastroenterology, Royal College of Physicians, Crohn’s and Colitis UK, Janssen, Shire, Takeda and Tillotts Pharma, as well as all the individuals who chaired, spoke at and attended the meetings. The programme helped clinical teams to understand the transition from audit to registry, and made a big impact on participation as a result. It was so successful that sponsors and stakeholders asked us to run it again in 2017. Huge thanks and congratulations to everyone involved! 


The need for this collaboration was unquestionable, it was a really constructive partnership. The teams anticipated the problem, and delivered simple, smart solutions which ultimately improved care for patients with IBD.

Communiqué 2017 Judges

Shortlisted, PMEA 2016 - Excellence in Healthcare Collaboration and Partnerships

IBD Registry Roadshow

We’re thrilled to have been shortlisted for the third time in a row, for our work on the British Society of Gastroenterology’s Inflammatory Bowel Disease Registry roadshow programme, supported by Tillotts Pharma UK Ltd, Takeda UK Ltd, Shire Pharmaceuticals and Janssen.


“The effects of IBD on patients and their families can be devastating, and the creation of a registry is a major step towards improving service provision, awareness and understanding. Tillotts Pharma is very proud to be involved: supporting the regional meetings gave us the chance to help the Registry gain traction while engaging with our customers in a practical and valuable way.”

General Manager

Tillotts Pharma UK


“We were delighted to be involved in this important initiative. The voice, views and opinions of patients are critical ingredients in driving quality improvement. The forums ensured effective two way communication and further embedded the powerful partnership of clinicians and patients working together”.


Crohn's and Colitis UK

Winner, PMEA 2015 - Excellence in Healthcare Collaboration and Partnerships

Eliminating Hepatitis C within a generation, what are you going to do about it?

LJWG collaborated with a broad group of clinical, academic, patient and pharma stakeholders and used a high-profile symposium to call on NHS England, Public Health England (PHE) and the Department of Health to implement a coordinated approach to improving access to treatment and eliminating hepatitis C within a generation.

The meeting showcased new health outcomes and best practice models from around the world, building the case for elimination and showing how it can be done.

Later that year PHE announced a partnership to address the problem and confirmed that the LJWG’s collaborative symposium had played a major role in raising awareness and moving the debate forward.


Public Health England acknowledge the positive impact of the LJWG EASL symposium and subsequent Call To Action on raising the profile of hepatitis C as a major public health concern; on improving engagement by public health experts and policy-makers, and supporting effective cross-organisational partnership work. PHE are happy to continue to collaborate with LJWG to increase the number of people tested for hepatitis C and improve access to treatment for those infected.

Dr. Eamonn O’Moore

National Lead for Health and Justice at PHE

Shortlisted, PMEA 2013 - Excellence in Healthcare Collaboration and Partnerships

The London Joint Working Group on Substance Misuse and Hepatitis C (LJWG)

The LJWG is a group of expert clinicians, patient advocacy and voluntary sector leads whose ambition is to eliminate hepatitis C in the drug using population in London within 20 years.

Early activity focused on three key areas:

  • Delivering a best-practice patient-centred blueprint for integrated services, with a care pathway and recommendations written in consultation with over 300 London stakeholders and published in the Health Service Journal.

  • A broad coalition of key stakeholders from the public, private and policy sectors all focused on the common goal of joining up services in order to improve patient access to treatment and support.

  • A ‘bottom-up’ implementation plan to assess the effectiveness of the recommendations in practice.


The work of the LJWG is a major step towards properly joined-up services for people with hepatitis C and a history of substance misuse that will help more people access appropriate care in the capital, improve outcomes and reduce health inequalities.

Charles Gore, CEO

Hepatitis C Trust and President, World Hepatitis Alliance