Transforming healthcare through effective collaboration. Making work to feel proud of.

Specialists in joint working in healthcare communications. Dedicated to keeping patients at the heart of everything we do and making work with integrity that everybody involved can feel proud of.

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Dovetail is an exemplary partner to the project, and the team’s competent project management and constant focus on bringing benefits to patients have been instrumental in helping us climb a fair number of mountains.”

Pharma Managing Director, UK & Ireland

Our clients love our unique approach.

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Dovetail quote

Dovetail has expertly managed many partnership projects for us with key NHS stakeholders. Always hit deadlines and targets. A joy to work with.

Pharma Franchise Director

We've worked with some brilliant people in major pharma companies and healthcare organisations.

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Our approach

Collaboration leads to better outcomes, and we’ve experienced this time and again, as professionals and as patients too. That’s why we focus on bringing good people together, creating open, honest and productive partnerships and delivering award-winning results that succeed for everyone involved.