Our work

The Dovetail team has delivered more than 20 collaborative healthcare projects.

Our focus is always on the space where patient, clinical and commercial goals naturally overlap. By bringing stakeholders together and creating open and productive partnerships based on shared goals, we deliver results that succeed for everyone involved.

As a team we’re dedicated to keeping patients at the heart of everything we do and making work with integrity, which all the stakeholders involved can feel proud of.

Case studies



Putting time aside to develop creative solutions to complex challenges is not easy, especially when you decide to bring together the best and most diverse brains in an organisation and allocate just one day to complete the task.



Iron deficiency anaemia is very common in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and can seriously reduce people’s quality of life, but it’s often under-treated.

Latest awards

We’re thrilled to receive a High Commendation and Finalist place at PMEA!

PMEA 2017 highly commended

The team involved in this project recognised there was a clear, unmet need for the registry and did the right thing to rectify this, in the process providing a valuable tool. They demonstrated a change in attitude and behaviour and the tactics, structure and outcomes were excellent. We felt this was one of the most exciting entries in the 2017 programme!

PMEA 2017 Judges

PMEA 2017 finalist

We absolutely loved the collaboration with this project. To pull together eight entities, all of which would have had different perceptions, in such an effective manner to deliver strong results is seriously impressive.

PMEA 2017 Judges

Communique 2017 winner

The IBD Registry Roadshow achieved very impressive results, all the more so given that it was a ‘no frills’ campaign. It took a rather dry subject, where there is clearly a real need for work to be done, and harnessed strong stakeholder engagement efforts to succeed.

Communiqué 2017 Judges

PMEA 2015 winner

This is a strong, aspirational vision to eliminate hepatitis C, backed by clear partnership objectives with the NHS, Department of Health and Public Health England. A bold goal with a broad coalition that had a big impact on a great number of patients.

PMEA 2015 Judges