Joining up services to help vulnerable patients

As many as 41,000 Londoners have hepatitis C, a disease that can lead to the horrors of end-stage liver disease, cancer and the need for transplant. Although it can be cured, only around 3% receive treatment: vulnerable people simply fall through the gaps between services.

Working with a major pharma company, Dovetail helped to set up the London Joint Working Group on Substance Use and Hepatitis C (LJWG), a clinical, patient and third-sector collaboration that aims to eliminate hepatitis C in the capital.

We’re really proud to have supported LJWG in various ways including strategic planning, consensus reports, projects in services, communications and social media, secretariat and conferences and symposia as well as building a broad coalition of stakeholders and a number of industry partners.

We think that everybody should have equal access to treatment, so we’ve donated many hours pro bono over the years.

Public Health England has acknowledged the positive impact of the LJWG on raising the profile of hepatitis C as a major public health concern, improving engagement by public health experts and policy-makers, and supporting effective cross-organisational partnership work to increase the number of people tested for hepatitis C and improve access to treatment for those infected.