Medical Conferences and Symposia

End to end delivery from strategy to social media.

A client once described the Dovetail approach as “you do what other medical communications agencies do but you do it properly, by involving all the stakeholders.” We think our approach to conferences and symposia is a good example of this principle, because we’ll always start with joined-up thinking to ensure we’re all clear about the place where all the participants’ goals naturally overlap.

In another example we set up an independent steering group to enable our client to properly understand what their delegates’ needs were so we could build the agenda around them and make the time really valuable to attendees.

At the Digestive Diseases Forum in 2015 we put together a wide ranging symposium to support uptake of the IBD Registry. The programme included contributions from patient advocates as well as specialist nurses, surgeons and physicians. A leading newspaper journalist chaired a compelling panel discussion and we used video and social media to raise the profile of the project with a wider audience.


It is a delight to work with a team who not only responds to your needs but anticipates them - on many occasions offering new insights that we had not considered, which because of their knowledge, expertise and research within the area enriched the experience delivered to our audience.

Professor of Hepatology and Gastroenterology